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From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you. How utterly amazing!! - Shahnaz
Molly's healing has enabled me great awareness and realisations - Suzanne
For days after the healing day I continued to notice improvement - Simone

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Psychic Slimming and the Law of Attraction – The Universe Knows Best at 2015-09-03 19:47:32

A rather heavy lady who couldn’t lose weight or work because of her health and low self-esteem recently came to see me. Spirit couldn’t wait to tell me that she was not well enough to go back to work and the weight would not come off until her health had completely picked up. The lady frowned – she did not like receiving this message. She resisted what Spirit had said and put her own stance on what she had heard. This particular lady loved working and it was pretty obvious to me that she had completely lost her identity when unemployed. Without her work she had lost all faith in herself.

Her husband had been mean to her over the years and she had financially contributed the lion’s share of the income to finance their partnership. Now he was forced to keep her and she was forced to accept his help. I watched this process unfold as he gradually let go of his anger, resentment and his need to put her down and she gradually received his and others&rsquo...

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The Power of the Law of Attraction when Losing Weight at 2015-09-03 19:45:34

For those of you well versed in the Law of Attraction, you will know that the more we think about something and the more we put our emotions into it, the more likely it is to eventually turn up on our doorstep.

A lady recently came to see me with a weight problem that had plagued her most of her adult life. I have always noticed that if the absolute core reason why someone has a weight problem is not exposed and brought to light the problem will continue. There may be times of losing weight, but that weight will always go back on again if the habitual tendencies are not completely healed.

This particular lady had been eating a diet of heavy carbs and after speaking with her for a few minutes when she realised that food is digested some 7 times faster in the morning and she needed to reduce her carbs, she decided to change her eating habits.

Her first psychic slimming session with me exposed a past life where there had been abject poverty and she had fin...

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Your third eye opens when someone close to you passes at 2015-09-03 09:27:23

One of my Healing Circle members asked me a question yesterday that I'd like to share with you:

Q. Hi Molly, I thought I'd post this question here as the answer may be relevant to many. A few weeks ago a dear friend of mine died and whilst having a big sob about it alone, I began to really rub my third eye. Why might that be do you know?

A. Thank you for your question. A death opens our chakras and sometimes rubbing a chakra brings relief and allows it to open and expand still further. At an unconscious level we know that those who have just died have only passed into another dimension which can be clearly seen by clairvoyants. Your third eye knows this and is opening up to clairvoyance to see your friend.&nb...

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I can't even begin to tell you how grateful I am for that session with you yesterday. I feel like I had been carrying around so much pain for all my life. I literally was on the brink of tears all the time, hurting and sad, depressed and after our session yesterday it has completely vanished like it never was! I feel like I don't NEED anyone to make me happy now. It is the oddest feeling. I have been on antidepressants for 8 years now, I don't even feel like I need them either. I spoke to my boyfriend and he is so so happy for me and can notice the difference in me already. He is going to come to you for his problems too. I have also spoken to my mum as my little brother has a lot of issues too and they will be coming to you too. I cannot stress how amazing I feel and I will be singing your praises until they put me in the ground!