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Molly's wonderful healing still continues to help - Fara
I have seen magnificent changes - Virginia
Wow what a change! - Milly

Are you on a journey to becoming and experiencing your truth? A spiritual journey to happiness, love and connection? A journey to heal your life and become free?

In that case you know what it is like to experience ups and downs, the rollercoaster of emotions and energy shifts from week to week. The feelings that come with releasing patterns and behaviours, that raw feeling in your tummy and throat that the mind wants to solve but can’t with just thoughts!

We also understand how this feels. Healing yourself, uncovering patterns and behaviours and working with energy blocks can be a bumpy ride, a little messy and painful…yes we know about the pain! It can also be lonely; as you work your way through books and courses to better yourself you lose clarity at times, go off track then come back on again a little wiser, realising that it didn’t need to get that messy!

This is where the Healing Circle comes in. The Healing Circle is a beautiful way to receive Divine energy on a regular basis to support you on your journey. The healing you receive eases the bumps in the road and encourages you to stay on track, to stay true to your inner being. There is something magical about bringing together a group of people for healing. You realise you are not alone and that brings strength and courage.

Psychic Healing works directly to energetically remove the cause of the pain and suffering from your physical body, mind, soul and energetic systems. I am directly connected to Spirit, a Higher Intelligence and can link directly to the source of your blocks and send healing to that specific area. The healing is powerful and comes from a Divine source; I work with very high energies. It is an amazing force that works through me to pull these negative energies from you.

The full benefits of the Online Healing Circle are:

How it works:

As a member of the Healing Circle you are entitled to send requests for healing directly to me up to 4 times per month. You will also benefit from the daily sessions that I hold to send positive healing to the whole group. You can also help improve your Karma by using your healing requests to help other people in your life. 

I work by interpreting your request in to my own words (with the help of Spirit). I then write these out, this act on its own is part of the healing process and the healing has already started (it in facts starts by you sending your request – this is such a powerful process in itself).  I then use my healing power through Spirit to send Divine light healing to each and every request. This is followed by healing sent to everyone in the group as a collective. Every evening your requests and names are placed in front of my altar (which has such a high energy that any plant comes back to life if placed next to it..!) and finally after 1 month your requests get burnt in a final fire ceremony.

As a member of the Online Healing Circle you are also entitled to:

This is not a magic pill to fix your life, you need to have awareness around what it is you want healed and be willing to go deep. You will need to be honest with yourself and really allow yourself to receive these powers. This is an extra layer of support for those of you developing, for more transformational work see my Online Healing Workshops and Intensive Group Healing Calls.

The Healing Circle Online Membership you is for you if you:

This is not for you if:

For even more info here is a recording or a Q&A session with current Healing Circle members. Click here for the recording.

I have made this membership extremely affordable as I believe that EVERYONE needs support when on a healing path. To have the chance to feel the love, peace and joy they deserve. And as we heal, we heal those around us and ultimately the world….

To sign up to Molly's Healing Circle scroll down to below the incredible list of testimonials members have given.

"I have sent Molly many healing issues for myself, family members & friends. The benefits gained by all have been quite extraordinary and Molly`s wonderful healing still continues to help. My own ongoing requests was to ease the pain in my back & knees. This has now been greatly reduced & continues to improve thanks to Molly". Lesley

"I feel so different...when you said to me, the first time I came to see you, that I had seen some amazing healers in my time but that they just didn't get me or that the time wasn't right - I really had no idea (or hope) that this would be any different. But it really has been.  I feel lighter, unshackled, I feel like myself again, I'm just being bright and connected again. It's wonderful to be restoring that.   I have joined your Healing circle in hopes to keep seedling this, to live a life that is worth living, and also to share some of these healing energies with those around me. Yeah to all that!" Cynthia

"Every time I receive a healing with Molly the energy shifts. I asked for healing for my daughter’s wedding as there could have been some awkward moments however the day was electric and everyone commented on it to me. I also asked for healing for my sister and brother in law as their relationship was rocky, my sister is SO much happier now and they are both working together to create a happy marriage. Thank you Molly x" Jane





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By signing up to the Healing Circle, you agree to be bound by our terms and conditions, you can read these by clicking here.

I have sent Molly many healing issues for myself, family members & friends. The benefits gained by all have been quite extraordinary and Molly`s wonderful healing still continues to help. My own ongoing requests was to ease the pain in my back & knees. This has now been greatly reduced & continues to improve thanks to Molly.