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Full Moon Workshop - OCT

on 05 October 2017

Thursday 5th October, 8pm to 9.30pm 


Is there something coming up for you right now? You come back to the same argument with your loved one over and over. You feel a constriction in your throat as you struggle to say what you really feel. You find yourself defensive yet deep down you know you are hurting. You feel stuck going round and round in circles repeating the same pattern over and over. Or perhaps there is someone in your life that is struggling, they are suffering and you don;t know how to help them.

Firstly, we want you to know that it IS possible to be free, it IS possible to let these go and it IS possible to move through this.

It is also important for you to understand that it is not our faults! We are all are living out our subconscious patterns. These patterns come from everything we have experienced in this lifetime and previous lifetimes and rule our behaviours. Unless we remove the CAUSE of the pattern we will never HEAL. 

There are many ways to surrender and heal; praying; surrender work; tapping; journaling. These are all powerful techniques and must be continued however sometimes we need a little extra help. What makes Psychic Healing different is that you don’t have to do the releasing! I do it for you, or should I say Spirit do it for you! Psychic Healing works directly to energetically remove the cause of the pain and suffering from your physical body, mind, soul and energetic systems.

During this Online Workshop you will be asked to focus on the block, the pain, the feeling. You will be asked to go deep and really get clear on how your life is affected by it and what the block is stopping you from becoming (sometimes these patterns are created to keep us safe to STOP us from becoming our true power). If you are requesting healing for another the same priniciples will apply, you just think of that person and the affects that their block is causing them. And then the healing will start….

I am directly connected to Spirit, a Higher Intelligence and can link directly to the source of your blocks and send healing to that specific area. The healing is incredibly powerful and comes from a Divine source; I work with very high energies that work through me to pull these negative energies from you. You will feel calm, clear and centred afterwards.  

We end the workshop with a beautiful meditation to give a clear message to the Divine about how your life will be now you are free – how easeful and graceful life will become now this energy has moved out of you. You will end the workshop feeling incredibly uplifted.

This is not however a magic pill to fix your life, you need to have awareness around what it is you want healed and be willing to go deep. You will need to be honest with yourself and really allow yourself to receive these powers. This workshop is for people who:

  • Are committed to making changes in their life and are open to receiving these changes
  • Are spiritually open minded and BELIEVE in energy work
  • Are willing to feel the pain and allow it to rise up in order to let it go
  • Are actively on their journey, working towards becoming their truth
  • Willing to spend time preparing for the workshop

This is not for you if:

  • You believe your whole life will change from the result of this one healing (we are peeling the layers here not performing miracles!)
  • You are not willing to go deep and be honest with yourself
  • You are not willing to allow the pain to surface in order for the healing to take place
  • You want to deep transformation – Intensive Group Healing Calls are more beneficial for you

You will receive a link to join via Zoom Webinar (it is a lot easier than you think!). In this Online Healing Workshop will not be able to talk to me, I will however guide you through the healing session and you will receive clear instructions on how to prepare for the event (this will require some quiet reflection time). This is a beautiful 90 minutes for you to let go, remove a deep layer, find peace & calm but most of all to feel FREE!!

"A huge improvement with the fear and anxiety I was feeling before the healing. It was unbearable and after I felt calm and peaceful. I would say I improved by 90 %" 

"It was a fabulous healing as I felt much calmer and content. In other healings I don't feel anything much so this was profound for me"

"It helped clear a lot of stuff and I have since moved passed a situation that was keeping me stuck for quite a while which is really good"

"A real sense of calm & lightness which I am still feeling days after this healing session - Thank you Molly"

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Healing Circle Members

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